Sunday, May 17, 2009

Robots to maintain wind farms

Renewable wind energy has always been there to fulfill the energy needs of the nations of the world. Traditionally wind energy was used to grind grains. The modern world uses the renewable wind energy mainly for electricity generation. The use of wind turbines is the most popular method of generating electricity from wind renewable energy and this electricity can be used as an alternative power source for domestic purposes. This can be done to reduce the amount of electricity bills by a significant amount. To generate electricity for commercial use, wind farms with a large number of wind turbines need to be set up. However, maintaining a wind farm effectively is a challenging issue because it requires a lot of manpower and a lot of expenses are incurred for this.

Innovations have been made in technologies to invent robots that have the ability to maintain the large wind farms eliminating the need of men. Although this invention will result in loss of employment opportunities for people, yet the cost effectiveness and convenience of managing wind farms using robots cannot be overlooked.

Responsibility for maintaining and managing the renewable wind energy generators will rest on the shoulders of the robots at all times. The operation and processes that need to be performed for the generation of electricity will be managed by robots. They will also be responsible for inspecting the movement of rotor blades and ensuring that the blades rotate in the right direction so that they can capture sufficient wind renewable energy. They will also be responsible for repairing any damaged parts.

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