Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wind energy

After sun, wind energy is one of the most significant and cost effective source of renewable energy. Since decades, it has been used for sailing, irrigation, grinding grain and boating. Basically, wind energy is a kind of kinetic energy that is highly associated with our surrounding air. The systems for wind energy in milling as well as for irrigation have been put into use since the primeval time and till the beginning of 20 the century, it is being used for generating electric power. Now-a-days, in many countries, windmills have been installed to utilize wind energy, especially in rural areas.

For the purpose, wind turbines are also used that convert wind energy into mechanical power that further can be directly utilized for grinding purpose and for generating electric power. Five countries as Germany, Spain, Denmark, India and USA are supposed to preserve almost 80% of wind power capacity of whole world.

By considering the growing demands of wind energy, several manufacturers are augmenting the size of supply devices. Basically several gadgets used for the production of wind energy are wind turbines, windmills and sails. Now-days, on shore (wind farms established in sea) units have accounted more wind energy production as that of off shore (on the landscape) units.

Another much improved technique that has been invented after years of experience is auroville multi blade windmill whose double pump action capability increases the outcome by 60% as compared to other traditional pumps utilizing single action.

In short words, wind energy helps lot for alleviating the energy disaster; it will definitely render great advantages to our environment and will also strengthen our economy.