Thursday, April 23, 2009

Solar power cars

With the advancement in technology and the increasing use of solar power, solar power is being applied to applications other than domestic and commercial use. Solar power is being used to power vehicles because it is a renewable source of energy which will be readily available forever. Also solar power does not emit any harmful substances into the atmosphere. The use of solar power in powering vehicles is also viable because it is cost effective and reliable. Solar power also does not cause degradation of the environment.

Solar power cars are being developed for use in the present times and also for the future. Solar power cars use quantum dots. These are a form of nanotechnology. This technology creates tiny solar robots to convert sunlight into energy that can power the vehicles.

The solar power cars combine technology used in aerospace, bicycle, alternative energy and automotive industry. Almost all solar cars till date have been used as solar race cars. A solar power car has place for either one or two passengers. It has features like brakes, accelerator, rear view mirrors, turn signals and a radio for communication. Solar power cars either have gauges or wireless telemetry that can help one to know the amount of solar energy captured, the amount of energy used and other information related to solar energy that powers the car.

Solar power cars are not practical for use in day to day transportation at present but with improvement in technology and increase in demand, they will be used for daily transport.

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